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What to do after a Florida car crash

I have represented many victims of roadway accidents.  While they are all very different, each can cause significant problems. Dealing with difficult insurance companies adds even more stress. There are some important steps you should take after an automobile crash to protect yourself.

If anyone is injured, call 911, provide the dispatcher with an accurate location and ask them to dispatch EMS and the police. 

Emotions may run high. Remain calm and resist the urge to argue the cause of the crash with the other drivers. 

Don't admit fault!  Confessing before the facts are investigated can unfairly cost you.  

Find witnesses. Write down their names and phone numbers in case the police fail to get their information.

Use your phone to video or photograph the scene, the involved vehicles and any damage, and each of their license plates.

Ask for each involved driver's licenses, registrations and insurance cards. Use your phone to photograph the front and back of each. 

Jot down the other drivers statement. You won't remember them later.

When you have calmed down, call and report the accident to your insurer but do not admit fault or allow a recorded statement until you have spoken with an attorney. 

Get checked-out by a doctor. 

If injured, you must see a medical doctor, not a chiropractor, within fourteen (14) days after the crash or you may waive valuable insurance coverage.  Do not be a hero! Insist that your doctor notes all of your complaints, injuries and pain in your records.

Do I need an attorney?  

Absolutely. Even if you do not plan to bring a lawsuit, you should not speak with representatives of any insurance company, including your own, without first speaking to an attorney. If you retain me, I can take steps protect valuable evidence and your legal rights and you will owe no costs or fees unless I recover for you.  

Should I tell my Insurer?

Yes. Whether or not the accident is your fault, you are required to report the accident or you may waive your coverage.  But wait until you have spoken with an attorney.

What are my legal rights?

When someone else's carelessness causes permanent injuries, you may be entitled to seek compensation from the at-fault driver. Recovery may include reimbursement for your medical costs,  lost wages, even if you were not working, and for your pain, suffering, aggravation and loss of enjoyment.

What if I get better?

Great!  In Florida, only those with permanent injuries may bring a lawsuit. You should do your best to get better. Follow your doctors' advice and try to return to a normal life.  If you do not make a full recovery after a month or two, you should seek the advice of an injury lawyer. 

What is my case worth?

Every case is different and it depends on the seriousness of your injuries and whether there is sufficient evidence to link them to the accident. It also depends on the amount of your medical bills and how they were paid, the amount of your wage loss and the extent to which the accident has affected your daily life. 

    Why call Barry Newman? 

Excellent question. There are about 100,000 lawyers in Florida. Most have never tried a personal injury case.  The insurance companies know who can, and will, try your case if they are unreasonable. I have  tried a number of automobile cases to juries and judges in federal and state courts. The published $1.3 Million Dollar trial verdict below is just one example of my tenacity.




  • Receive proper medical care for any injured persons. Call an ambulance if necessary or visit an emergency care facility as soon as you leave the scene of the accident. It is important to note, some injuries may not be immediately apparent for this reason, it is crucial to be examined by a doctor.









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