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The U.S. Supreme Court
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Western District of Oklahoma
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New Mexico Federal Court
 Kansas Federal Court
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:Airborne Law Enforcement 
Lectured police pilots on Safety and Legal topics in Orlando (2013) and Phoenix (2014) National Conventions.


American Bar Association
Litigation Seminar
New York City (2013)

American Bar Association
TIPS Aviation
Demonstrative Evidence
Washington, D.C. (2016)

Lawyer Pilots Bar Assn.  
Litigating Federal Tort Claims

(2013) Whistler B.C.  

Aviation Seminar

(2017) Boston

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Aviation Law


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Claims against the Government


While there is some truth to the adage "You can't Sue the King," sometimes the "King" (a/k/a, the government) acts negligently and causes injury or a  death and should be held responsible.


Generally, the government cannot be sued unless it "consents" to be sued. The circumstances under which the government can be held liable are very narrow and there are usually complex procedural requirements that must be complied with, including specific pre-suit notice provisions and time critical deadlines.

In most cases, a claim against the government requires that public employee act "negligently." Governments are not typically liable for the negligence of its contractors.  The claims are often capped and may involve special immunities. For example, there may be no liability for a city's negligent decision not to install a traffic signal at an intersection, even if the decision causes multiple accidents.

Suing a state, a city, a county or the federal government is not for amateurs and requires significant experience. There are strict time limits and deadlines. The claims are extremely expensive and time-consuming. There are complex procedural hurdles that must be strictly followed.

You should trust your claim to an attorney with experience. I have personally tried cases involving government negligence and have litigated them in the state and federal courts.


If you have been injured in an accident involving the government, please contact me to discuss your options.

















Accidents involving:

Automobiles & Trucks
DUI crashes & Claims against Taverns

Airplane and Airline Accidents
Boating & Cruise ships

Motorcycles, Bicycles & ATVs

Workplace Injuries

Construction sites

Dangerous premises
Defective Products

Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices 
Medical Negligence
Slip & Falls
Negligent Security

Unsecured Vicious Animals 


International Claims:

Airline Injuries
Maritime Injuries